Thursday, January 4, 2018

2018 Time for more personal growth.

My journey has continued with Emotion Code and Body Code. I have been certified in both for almost 5 years and continue to be amazed at how easy this modality of energy work is to flow in, with God's grace. I continue to look to Body Code to overcome insecurities and anxieties. As a child, I was a delayed learner in reading. As an adopted child, I often felt less than others- especially with my smart friends that were quick to point out my shortcomings. Well, I continue to push myself outside my comfort zone. Yes, this is where the trapped emotions pop up, the triggers are pushed, idea allergies and despair anchors make themselves known with the body signals such as inflammation. Thanks to Dr. Bradley Nelson and God's grace- I don't have to despair- I use the Mind Maps and muscle test my way through- letting it all go with gratitude. Here I am - for 2018 - I am putting myself out there. Life is about connections, and one can't connect in isolation. Push yourself outside your comfort zone and have a wonderful New Year. And fill it all in with Heart Breath!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hello, My name is Kathy Huston. I am a certified Emotion Code practitioner, currently completing my practicum in the Body Code. For those of you that are not familiar with this from of energy work,
Emotion Code and Body Code, developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson through God's grace, is an amazing tool to improve ones life in so many ways. For me personally, I have overcome painful chronic inflammation of my connective tissue (often referred to as fybromyalgia). Not only is this technique helpful for aches and pains, it's most powerful benefit is taking down heartwalls and opening up the flow of love and joy. Wow! And it is so simple.  By using muscle testing, imbalances are identified and energies, such as trapped emotions, are cleared with intention by running a magnet over the governing meridian. 1, 2, 3 (or 1 through 10, if it's inherited) and the unpleasant frequencies are released. So simple and so powerful!